The story of this film is too familiar to everyone of us.  We went for our dreams and cried when we failed.  We made choices and sacrifice.  Looking back there is no regrets. 

Thanks to our great team of talent.  Dr. Corinne Laurance put her passion for acting aside for her medical practice and family. But now, she decided it is her time to shine. 

Brittney started acting when she was 3.  Now this 18 year acting veteran still feel the thrill on every role in every project.  

Aria started only 6 months ago, but this 8 year old proved passion and dedication can be more powerful than years of experience.  She flew from Neveda for this small role in a low budget film.  She proved love for acting can be the weapon to conquer the world. 

Charles was a successful National Radio broadcaster but he took his chance in acting.  Looks like his gamble paid off. 

Pedro was my production assistant, but step up when one cast failed to show up.  Then he played in almost all our films while still carrying on his duties as a production assistant.  Now 6 months later, he has 2 IMDb awards and 3 nominations.